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iXs Robotics

Image Name SKU Description  
humanoid-r humanoid-r Large humanoid robot platform (wheel type) Product Details
ZIGZAG ZIGZAG Ultra remote monitoring robot Product Details
small-size stackable wheel robot small-size stackable wheel robot Small stackable two-wheeled dolly platform Product Details
iTs05 iTs05 Plant inspection robot Product Details
OEM products OEM products We provide various developments on robots and OEM supplies. Product Details
iTs06 iTs06 Crawler-type robot platform Product Details
iWs09 iWs09 Independent 2-wheeled robot platform Product Details
Rope Stroller Rope Stroller Visual inspection robot Product Details
iWs12 iWs12 Independent 4-wheeled omnidirectional mobile robot Product Details
MagBug MagBug Magnetic inspection robot Product Details
iWs11 iWs11 Omunihoiru-type omnidirectional mobile robot platform Product Details
Spinbot Spinbot Non-magnetic inspection robot in explosion-proof areas Product Details
humanoid-m humanoid-m Wheeled guidance and patrol humanoid robot Product Details
ZIGZAG II ZIGZAG II Ultra remote monitoring robot Product Details

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