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Inex 模組

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Image Name SKU Description  
Robo-CIRCLE3S BTK Robo-CIRCLE3S BTK The programmable robot kit in Logo programming with Bluetooth kit Product Details
iTOUCH iTOUCH QVGA with Touch screen education board Product Details
PX-700 8000308 USB PIC/dsPICprogrammer with 3-ZIF socket for all PIC/dsPIC micro Product Details
ZX-RELAY16 8000315 16-ch. Relay board with I2C interface (expandable 8 board max.) Product Details
JX-430F133 8000163 MSP430F133 Development board Product Details
ZX-LED White 8000266 8mm. Single LED driver board (White color) Product Details
PSoC Express Education kit 8000312 Psoc Education board with PSoC Express experiment kit Product Details
TPE-51 TPE-51 P89V51RD2 experiment board with USB interface Product Details
GLCD5110 2240848 Graphic LCD 84x48 pixel Product Details
FSR-S FSR-S Force sensitive Resistor - Small Product Details
i-Stamp2P24 Education kit i-Stamp2P24 Education kit BASIC Stamp2P24 Education kit (i-Stamp2P24+JX-2SXplusII+experiment components+DC adaptor +CD) Product Details
UCON-2200 UCON-2200 USB to simple UART converter and BlueStick configuration board Product Details
EX-06 plus 8002106 Relay driver 12V 8 ch. Board with LED status Product Details
ZX-COLOR 8000258 Color sensor module Product Details
Standard servo motor Standard servo motor 4.8-6Vdc Standard servo motor Product Details
ZX-SLIDE 8005017 Variable resistor board (Slide type) Product Details
AA-3P AA-3P 3AA battery holder PCB mounting type Product Details
UCON-2 cable UCON-2 USB to Serial port cable with 4P4C modular plug (use with ZX-SERVO16U board) Product Details
BO1-87 gearbox 1332008 87 : 1 ratio Gearbox with 4.5V DC motor BO-1 type Product Details
ZX-LED2C 8005001 Bi-color LED output board Product Details

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Results 101 - 120 of 199
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