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Inex 模組

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ZX-17 8000212 Serial Real-time clock with 3 of JST3AA-8 cable Product Details
i-Stamp2P 8000078 BASIC Stamp 2P-40 OEM board Product Details
EX-09 8002009 Output expansion board (74HC595) Product Details
ZX-RESISTANCE 8005011 Resistance measurement board Product Details
NX-100 plus 8000201 Junior Digital Circuit Experiment board Product Details
JX-430F133 8000163 MSP430F133 Development board Product Details
DC6.5V2A DC6.5V2A Switching DC adaptor 6.5V2A Product Details
PSoC Express Education kit 8000312 Psoc Education board with PSoC Express experiment kit Product Details
ZX-Reflector 8005006 Light reflector sensor : Red-LED superbright with LDR Product Details
AA-6W AA-6W 6AA battery holder with wires Product Details
FSR-S FSR-S Force sensitive Resistor - Small Product Details
HIH4030 HIH4030 Humididty sensor with cable Product Details
POP-BOT lite POP-BOT lite Arduino compatible robot kit (ATmega168) Lite version Product Details
BB-800 1990001 Large breadboard 800 points Product Details
ZX-COLOR 8000258 Color sensor module Product Details
Standard servo motor Standard servo motor 4.8-6Vdc Standard servo motor Product Details
Long Universal Arm set Long Universal Arm set Universal plastic arm set - long type Product Details
Skit-PIC100 Skit-PIC100 PIC24/dsPIC33 Starter kit (PX-200 + JX-PIC100 + adaptor + UCON-232S + Acc.) Product Details
NX-dsPIC30F 8000222 Experiment board for dsPIC 28-pin version Product Details
BO1-87 gearbox 1332008 87 : 1 ratio Gearbox with 4.5V DC motor BO-1 type Product Details

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Results 101 - 120 of 199
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