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Inex 模組

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RoboBuilder Black 9001011 Humanoid robot kit (Black version) Product Details
DC6.5V2A DC6.5V2A Switching DC adaptor 6.5V2A Product Details
JX-24F JX-24F PIC24F rapid prototyping board - PIC24FJ48GA0002 on-board Product Details
RelayRover RelayRover Affordable Quick Entry Level Robot Kit Product Details
AA-6W AA-6W 6AA battery holder with wires Product Details
PICkit3 PICkit3 Original PICkit3 Debugger/Programmer from Microchip Product Details
PX-4000 8000288 USB port AVR-ISP Programmer Product Details
JAX-1 8000147 Java Microcontroller Application board (include Javelin Stamp) Product Details
ZX-WaterFlow ZX-WaterFlow 1/2" Water Flow sensor Product Details
BB-800 1990001 Large breadboard 800 points Product Details
Long Universal Arm set Long Universal Arm set Universal plastic arm set - long type Product Details
JX-2P plus 8000311 i-Stamp2P project board (new version - add LCD port, servo port and DS18B20) Product Details
ZX-03R ZX-03R Robot Red-light Reflector : Red LED with SFH310 photo TR. and cable Product Details
UCON-232S 8000268 USB to Serial port Converter Board Product Details
ZX-SOUND 8004013 Sound detector board : Voltage output Product Details
Gripper kit 9000090 Gripper kit with servo motor Product Details
Lego Axel Motor pack -3 1972002-3 Lego axel converter with Gearbox pack (10 of axel + 5 of each BO2-48M gearbox and BO2-121M gearbox) Product Details
ZX-POTH 8005016 Variable resistor board (Horizontal) Product Details
BO2-120M gearbox 8000176 120 : 1 ratio Gearbox with 4.5V DC motor and Plastic mounting Product Details
ZX-PSX 8000303 Playstation controller interface board Product Details

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Results 121 - 140 of 199
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