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Inex 模組

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Image Name SKU Description  
AAA-3P AAA-3P 3AAA battery holder PCB mounting type Product Details
Robo-51 Robo-51 MCS-51 Micro Robot kit Product Details
FEZ Panda II FEZ Panda II Visual C++ Microcontroller board Product Details
TPE-51 TPE-51 P89V51RD2 experiment board with USB interface Product Details
UCON-4 cable UCON-4 USB to Serial port cable with 6P4C modular plug (use with StampBOX/POP-BOT Lite) Product Details
i-Stamp2P24 Education kit i-Stamp2P24 Education kit BASIC Stamp2P24 Education kit (i-Stamp2P24+JX-2SXplusII+experiment components+DC adaptor +CD) Product Details
BB-390 1990002 Small breadboard 390 points Product Details
ATX controller board ATX controller board ATmega1281 robot controller board Product Details
ZX-MQ2 ZX-MQ2 Smoke detector with JST cable Product Details
UCON-2200 UCON-2200 USB to simple UART converter and BlueStick configuration board Product Details
Universal Arm set Universal Arm set Universal plastic arm set Product Details
ZX-SLIDE 8005017 Variable resistor board (Slide type) Product Details
Trackwheel kit 8100015 Tank tread wheel kit with custom sprocket for BO-2 gearbox Product Details
ZX-03 8004017 Robot Infrared Reflector : TCRT5000L with JST3AA-8 cable Product Details
Lego Axel Motor pack -2 1972002-2 Lego axel converter with Gearbox pack (10 of axel + 10 of BO2-120M gearbox) Product Details
EX-03 plus 8002003 16-ch. button switch input board Product Details
ZX-THERMISTOR ZX-THERMISTOR NTC Thermistor module Product Details
ZX-LED2C 8005001 Bi-color LED output board Product Details
CMPS-03 9000045 Digital compass sensor Product Details
ER-4 8000125 Easy Remote Control 4 Channels Product Details

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Results 141 - 160 of 199
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