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Inex 模組

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ZX-METAL 8000273 Metal detector board with JST3AA-8 cable Product Details
EX-09 8002009 Output expansion board (74HC595) Product Details
Javelin Stamp 8000146 A microcontroller programmed in JAVA Product Details
Gearbox mounting 1997038 Plastic Mounting for BO2 gearbox. (2 color selection Black and Cream) Product Details
DC6.5V2A DC6.5V2A Switching DC adaptor 6.5V2A Product Details
i-Stamp2P24 8005019 Basic Stamp2P-24pin OEM board Product Details
BO1-48 gearbox BO1-48 gearbox 48 : 1 ratio Gearbox with 4.5V DC motor BO-1 type Product Details
AA-6W AA-6W 6AA battery holder with wires Product Details
ZX-ATTENUATOR ZX-ATTENUATOR 5/10V Voltage attenuator board Product Details
NX-4i 8000139 Versatile Digital Circuit Experiment board Product Details
XBEE-PRO 3235009 Embedded serial Zigbee module PRO version Product Details
BB-800 1990001 Large breadboard 800 points Product Details
ZX-PHOTO TR. 8005003 Photo-transistor board for sensing infrared light and candle light Product Details
PCS-Robotics Kit PCS-Robotics Kit Premium robotic kit with The Brain controller and Fischer Technic part Product Details
Long Universal Arm set Long Universal Arm set Universal plastic arm set - long type Product Details
GP2Y0A21 9000038 Infrared distance sensor 10-80 cm. Product Details
Robo-CIRCLE3S BTK Robo-CIRCLE3S BTK The programmable robot kit in Logo programming with Bluetooth kit Product Details
Gripper kit 9000090 Gripper kit with servo motor Product Details
ZX-IrEYE ZX-IrEYE Multi-direction infrared detector Product Details
JX-430F133 8000163 MSP430F133 Development board Product Details

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Results 161 - 180 of 198
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