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Inex 模組

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Image Name SKU Description  
JX-430F133 8000163 MSP430F133 Development board Product Details
TPE-51 TPE-51 P89V51RD2 experiment board with USB interface Product Details
PSoC Express Education kit 8000312 Psoc Education board with PSoC Express experiment kit Product Details
Plastic small caster 1997242 Plastic small caster wheel Product Details
Lego Axel Motor pack -1 1972002-1 Lego axel converter with Gearbox pack (10 of axel + 10 of BO2-48M gearbox) Product Details
i-Stamp2P24 Education kit i-Stamp2P24 Education kit BASIC Stamp2P24 Education kit (i-Stamp2P24+JX-2SXplusII+experiment components+DC adaptor +CD) Product Details
FSR-S FSR-S Force sensitive Resistor - Small Product Details
UCON-2200 UCON-2200 USB to simple UART converter and BlueStick configuration board Product Details
ZX-COLOR 8000258 Color sensor module Product Details
ZX-SPEAKER 7200098 Piezo Speaker board Product Details
LCD16x2 -5V 2240216 16x2 Character LCD module without Back light 5V version Product Details
ZX-SLIDE 8005017 Variable resistor board (Slide type) Product Details
Standard servo motor Standard servo motor 4.8-6Vdc Standard servo motor Product Details
EX-08 plus 8002108 I2C ADC/DAC board (PCF8591) Product Details
ZX-LED2C 8005001 Bi-color LED output board Product Details
BO1-87 gearbox 1332008 87 : 1 ratio Gearbox with 4.5V DC motor BO-1 type Product Details
AAA-3P AAA-3P 3AAA battery holder PCB mounting type Product Details
CMPS-03 9000045 Digital compass sensor Product Details
ZX-XBeeU 8000350 XBee-PRO configuration and PC interface board - USB Product Details

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Results 181 - 199 of 199
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