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Inex 模組

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AX-1 8000304 Digital Circuit Experimant board for beginner Product Details
ZX-DCM2 7200095 Dual DC motor Driver board (L293D) Product Details
ZX-RESISTANCE 8005011 Resistance measurement board Product Details
AAA-4P AAA-4P 4AAA battery holder PCB mounting type Product Details
ZX-Reflector 8005006 Light reflector sensor : Red-LED superbright with LDR Product Details
Skit-XBee5V 8000340 Embedded serial Zigbee module PRO Starter kit (2 of XBee-PRO module, ADX-XBee5V, ZX-Xbee, DC adaptor, Cable, CD-ROM) Product Details
RoboBuilder Black 9001011 Humanoid robot kit (Black version) Product Details
UCON-200 cable UCON-200 USB to Serial cable with 4P4C modular plug (use with i-BOX3S board) Product Details
HIH4030 HIH4030 Humididty sensor with cable Product Details
BB-170 1990003 mini-Breadboard 170 points Product Details
POP-BOT lite POP-BOT lite Arduino compatible robot kit (ATmega168) Lite version Product Details
RelayRover RelayRover Affordable Quick Entry Level Robot Kit Product Details
Box holder 1800054 Plastic box holder for iBOX/Stamp-BOX/MicroCamp board Product Details
Skit-PIC100 Skit-PIC100 PIC24/dsPIC33 Starter kit (PX-200 + JX-PIC100 + adaptor + UCON-232S + Acc.) Product Details
PX-4000 8000288 USB port AVR-ISP Programmer Product Details
ZX-WaterFlow ZX-WaterFlow 1/2" Water Flow sensor Product Details
Plastic small caster 1997242 Plastic small caster wheel Product Details
JXM-20 JXM-20 PIC/8/14/20 pin rapid prototyping board - PIC16F690 on-board Product Details
Lego Axel Motor pack -1 1972002-1 Lego axel converter with Gearbox pack (10 of axel + 10 of BO2-48M gearbox) Product Details
NX-887PK NX-887PK PIC16F887 Experiment board (program via USB by PICkit3 - included) Product Details

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Results 21 - 40 of 198
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