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Inex 模組

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Image Name SKU Description  
Javelin Stamp 8000146 A microcontroller programmed in JAVA Product Details
FSR-S FSR-S Force sensitive Resistor - Small Product Details
i-Stamp2P24 8005019 Basic Stamp2P-24pin OEM board Product Details
NX-4i 8000139 Versatile Digital Circuit Experiment board Product Details
AA-4P AA-4P 4AA battery holder PCB mounting type Product Details
ZX-COLOR 8000258 Color sensor module Product Details
ZX-CURRENT ZX-CURRENT Current measurement board Product Details
Sensor cable (JST3AA-8) 1983103 3-wire sensor cable; 8-inches length (JST3AA-8 cable) Product Details
ZX-MAGNETIC 8005008 Maganetic field sensor board Product Details
Standard servo motor Standard servo motor 4.8-6Vdc Standard servo motor Product Details
GP2D120 9000037 Infrared distance sensor 4-30 cm. Product Details
BO1-87 gearbox 1332008 87 : 1 ratio Gearbox with 4.5V DC motor BO-1 type Product Details
Plastic Joiner 8100004 3-Type plastic Joiner 60 pieces per pack Product Details
ZX-XBeeU 8000350 XBee-PRO configuration and PC interface board - USB Product Details
Circle base - Yellow 1997046 Yellow circle base of MicroCamp/Robo-Stamp Product Details
ZX-CCD ZX-CCD Image tracking sensor with USB to UART miniboard for configuration Product Details
Unicon Unicon ATmega32U4 - Arduino Leonardo compatible microcontroller board Product Details
ESD200 full kit 8300001 Bluetooth board set (Bluetooth module + ADX-ESD02 + ZX-BT232) Product Details
Rubber tire 1997020 Circle tire for all circle wheel Product Details
Robo-Stamp2P 8000197 Educational Robot kit with PBASIC Programming Product Details

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Results 21 - 40 of 199
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