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Javelin Stamp

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The Javelin Stamp is a single board computer that�s designed to function as an easy-to use programmable brain for electronic products and projects. it�s about the size and shape of a commemorative postage stamp. It is programmed using software on a PC and a subset of Sun Microsystems Java� programming language. After the program is downloaded to the Javelin, it can run the program without any further help from the PC. The Javelin can be programmed and re-programmed up to one million times.

Some of the other features that set the Javelin apart from BASIC Stamps are:

  • The instruction codes for the Javelin are fetched and executed from a parallel SRAM instead of a serial EEPROM.

  • The Javelin has 32k of RAM/program memory with a flat architecture. No more program banks, and no more tight squeezes with variable space.

  • The Javelin has built in Virtual Peripherals (VPs) that take care of serial communication, pulse width modulation and tracking time in the background.

  • Serial communication is buffered as a background process. When writing programs, all you have to do is periodically check the buffer.

  • The Javelin Stamp Integrated Development Environment (Javelin Stamp IDE) software is a significant departure from a simple Editor and messages window combination. When used with the Javelin connected to a PC by a serial cable, this software can be used as a highly integrated in-circuit debugging system that allows you to run code, set breakpoints and view variable values, memory usage, I/O pin states and more. There is also no need for emulators; the Javelin can be placed directly into the circuit and debugged there.

  • Delta-sigma A/D conversion.

  • D/A conversion is accomplished in the background as a continuous pulse train delivered by an I/O pin. The pulse width modulation VP can also be used for generating pulse trains, frequencies, and D/A conversions in the background while your foreground code is free to perform other tasks

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