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Skit-PIC Station3

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Multi-processor PIC microcontroller Experiment board

This is the latest generation of INEX's PIC microcontroller experiment kit. Skit-PIC Station 3 supports lots of PIC microcontroler package and all can work in same time. No need swap the chip in each socket. It means experimenters could be learn and develop the multi-processor system in only one experiment platform.


Skit-PIC Station 3 comes with PX-200 USB in-system programmer, PIC Station 3 experiment board and also the necessary experimental components. It was designed to allow students or engineers to easily exercise and explore the capabilities of the PI C microcontrollers. 


Skit-PIC Station 3 supports all popular software development tools such as Microchip's MPLAB IDE, CCS C compiler, MikroBasic, MikroPascal, MikroC etc. The CD-ROM contains MPLAB IDE, some the limit version of popular Basic and C compiler.


Kit content :

PIC Station-3 experiment board, PX-200 programmer, USB cable, CX-232 Serial port cable, DC adaptor, 16x2 LCD module with cable, Wire jumper set, CD-ROM and Technical leaflet.

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