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EX-08 plusAA-6W

POP-BOT XT - Standard kit

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POPBOT-XT Features:

  • ATmel ATmega32U4 MCU, 10-bit A/D converter with 12-channel, 32KB of flash program memory, 1KB of EEPROM, 2.5KB of RAM and 16MHz clock frequency.
  • 25-I/O port and assign to 12 of 3-pin JST connectors for interfacing with sensors and peripherals
  • Screw terminal block for battery connections. It supports +4.8 to +12Vdc and has an on-board power switch.
  • +5Vdc switching regulator power supply circuit. Its regulates the supply voltage for microcontroller devices and all sensor ports.
  • 128x160 pixels color graphic LCD stack board. includes KNOB, OK and RESET button. This display board onlu supports line-art graphic, vector graphic, color background and text (no support the image file).
  • 8-Universal port support Analog input functions and Digital input/output function; A0 to A7 (18 to 23, 4 and 6 digital pin)
  • I2C bus port; SDA (2) and SCL (3)
  • UART port; RxD (0) and TxD (1)
  • 2-ch. DC motor driver with indicators. Supports motor voltage of 2.5 to 13.5Vdc.
  • 3-Servo motor output; connect with the digital port 30 (SV1), 12 (SV2) and 13 (SV3).
  • Piezo speaker connections. It is connected with digital port 11.
  • LED power and Low battery indicator
  • Direct USB port connection for communication and upload the running code
  • ISP pad for upgrading and firmware recovery by using the external In-System Programming (AVR-ISP mark II from Atmel is recommended)

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