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  • Interface with Wii Nunchuk remote control directly. Modification the remote control is not required.

  • I2C bus interface.

  • Connect to INEX microcontroller board via 3-pin JST connector.

  • +5Vdc supply voltage. On-board +3.3V regulator.

  • 2x4 cm. size.

Kit contents :

  • ZX-NUNCHUK board x 1

  • JST3AA-8 cable x 2

  • Documentation x 1

  • The Wii-Nunchuk remote control is optional.
    This is also sold separated. Controller is provided in the Nunchuk Interface kit.

There is a 3-axis accellerometer sensor LIS3L02AL of ST Microelectronics inside the Wii-Nunchuk.
It includes a 10-bit A/D converter, an analog joystick and 2-button switches. The output from the nunchuk is I2C data which requires an I2C capable MCU to read.

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