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PIC Station-3

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Multi-processor PIC microcontroller Experiment board

Technical features

Microcontroller section

  • 3 of PIC microcontroller main sockets for supporting the different package of PIC micrcontroller. It includes :

    • 40-pin socket that inserted PIC16F887 chip. Also, you can change to any 40-pin DIP of PIC16f/18F microcontroller

    • 18-pin socket that inserted PIC16F88 chip. Also, you can change to any 18-pin DIP of PIC16F/18F microcontroller

    • 20-pin socket that inserted PIC16F690 chip. Also, you can change to any 8/14/20-pin DIP of PIC16F/18F microcontroller and special bonus; the 6 pin female header for supporting the PIC10F202 module (must use only one package in a time)

  • Each microcontroller socket has ICD2 jack for supporting the In-system programming (PX-200 or PX-700 USB programmer is recommended). You can program and run all 3 sockets in same time. No need to change !

  • Fixed 20MHz crystal clock for 40-pin microcontroller and 4MHz crystal for 18-pin PIC microcontroller

  • Free clock source selection for 20-pin PIC microcontroller socket

  • Prepare all I/O port of PIC microcontroller in each socket

  • Direct downloading via ICD2 jack  by Microchip's PicKit-2 software. It can operate with WindowsXP and Vista. You can set the full option of configuration bits for each microcontroller

  • One mode switch for program and run in each microcontroller socket with Mode LED indicators.

  • Support the multi-processor experiments and applications.  

    Experiment tools :

    • +5Vdc supply voltage

    • 8-LED are active with logic �1� 

    • LCD connector support 16x2 LCD up to 20x4 LCD

    • 4 of push-button switches with pull-up resistor

    • 2 of RS-232 serial port interfacing circuits

    • Pulse generator 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz and 1kHz with LED indicators

    • 4 of 0 to +5V Variable voltage sources for A/D converter experiment

    • Freely Piezo speaker

    • Mini-breadboard 4.5 x 3.5 cm. 170 points

    • 187 soldering pads prototyping area

    Includes : PIC Station-3 board, CX-232 serial port cable, DC adaptor, 16x2 LCD module with cable, Wire jumpers and Technical leaflet

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