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Darwin Home intelligent robot

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Featurs human-computer interaction, speaker-independent speech recognition, able to talk and follow human's instruction. Also, it can be applied to intelligence home appliance control and management, can assist in managing the devices like air conditioner, etc. Equipped with projector and AV system for home theatre entertainment function.
Self-automatic control, can be controlled via 3G network by mobile and PC from a long distance, captured indoor images can be sent back to owner's mobile phone.
Wheel-drive with built-in ultrasonic and infrared sensor, capable of autonomous patrol, equipped with info collecting and processing systems like image and pyroelectric Infrared sensor to detect smog, inflammable gas and intruder etc.

Dimensions: 1.1*0.53*0.64 (m)

Weight : 21 (Kg)

Structure : Aluminium alloy + Plastic

Drive : Two-wheel drive

Touch Screen : 10 inch

Battery : 20Ah, Lithium

Speed :1.5 (m/s)

OS : Linux

Communication : WIFI / 3G

Sensor : Sonar, Infrared, Sound, Image

Functions : pyroelectric infrared
 detection,face recognition, voice control, remote control, autonomous patrol, automatic alarming

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