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NX-100 plus

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  • DC supply
    • +5V (regulated) and +9V (unregulated)
  • Clock generator with 4 frequencies
    • 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz and 1kHz
  • Logic switch
    • 8 channels with display
  • Logic monitor
    • 8 channels
  • Logic probe
    • show Logical �HIGH�, �LOW� and �PULSE�
  • Binary decoder
    • 2 channels to decode Binary to HEX on 7 LED segments
  • Debounce switch
    • 2 channels
  • Current driver with ULN2003
    • 5 channels
  • 0-5V Voltage reference for ADC
  • On-Board Piezo speaker
  • Power Supply voltage input
    • +9V from external DC adapter or +5V from external DC power supply with Polarity voltage protection
  • Breadboard
    • 2.5 x 7 inches. 800 contact points.

NX-100 plus Experiment Board, User Manual, Wires and DC power adapter

#800004 Digital Component for experiments
#800004 Digital Component

  • This kit consists of many electrical components that can be further added to any digital circuit experiment. This increases its basic potential to higher level based applications.

  •  This kit Includes:

  • Many Variable Resistors,

  • 7-segment LED

  • Digital ICs

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