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主頁 機械人產品及套件 Inex 機械人模組 Inex 模組 NX-887


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  • Supports PIC16F87x & PIC18Fxxx
  • On-Board PIC16F887 running at 20MHz
  • In-system program with the PX-200 programmer, communication via USB port
  • Selection of RUN/PROG mode by switch
  • Supplies power of +5V 500mA
  • Proto board measuring 2.5x7 Inches, 800 points
  • RS-232 serial port interface circuit
  • 1Hz- 1kHz pulse generator
  • 4-Push switch (Low while active with a pull up resistor)
  • 32-channel LED Monitor
  • Piezo speaker
  • LCD connector with brightness control
  • 4 Channel 0-5Vdc voltage source for ADC experiments
  • 4 by 3 Matrix switch with pull-up capabilities
  • 3-digit multiplexed LED display
  • 1-Wire and DS18B20 1-wire temperatire sensor on-board

 This is the ADVANCED version of the PIC microcontroller experiment set

This kit provides all components for learning and experimenting with the PIC16F87x microcontroller. It also supports PIC18Fxxx (in DIP package). In addition, it comes with a PX-200 ISP programmer which communicates via USB port cable, an NX-877 plus experiment board, computer cable, #22AWG jumper wire, DC adaptor, Software & source programs in CD and the EXPERIMENTS User Manual.



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