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BO2-120 gearboxRDS-LEDST404


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  • Supports the dsPIC 30-pin DIP version ( dsPIC30F2010 )

  • Selection of RUN/PROG mode by switch

  • Clock rate of 7.3728MHz

  • Debugging and programming via LCD jack with ICDX-30 or ICD2

  • Programmable only by PX-800 programmer board

  • Provides free 5 port for dsPIC communication

  • Power Supply of +5V and GND

  • 5-LED monitors

  • 4-Button switches

  • Piezo speaker

  • RS-232 serial port interface

  • 1Hz-1kHz Pulse generator

  • LCD module interface

  • Four 0-5V sources for A/D experiment

  • 180 points Breadboard

  • Requires DC supply of 9-16V 500mA

Recommended Optional Items:
- ICD2 Debugger/Programmer tool for PIC/dsPIC microcontroller
- ICDX-30 Debugger/Programmer board for PIC/dsPIC microcontroller with DC adaptor (ICD2 compatible but only work with RS-232 serial port)
- PX-800 USB- PIC/dsPIC Programmer

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