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This is the next generation of PIC microcontroller experiment kit. An Upgrade to a 16-bit, �dsPIC� is a part of the Digital Signal Controller from MICROCHIP. 

The dsPIC Digital Signal Controller (DSC) from Microchip is a powerful 16-bit (data) modified Harvard RISC machine that combines advantages of a high performance 16-bit microcontroller (MCU) with the high computation speed of a fully implemented digital signal processor (DSP), to produce a tightly coupled single-chip single-instruction stream solution for embedded systems design.

These dsPIC devices reach speeds of up to 30 MIPS, are very efficient for C programming and have Flash program memory, data EEPROM, data SRAM, powerful peripherals and a variety of software libraries that allow high performance embedded solutions to be designed effortlessly and in a short amount of time. The Flash program memory varies in sizes from 12 Kbytes to 144 Kbytes. There are 18 members of the dsPIC30F family and growing.

Powerful and fast 16 bit (data) MCU High-performance DSP capability RISC-based instruction architecture Reliable Flash memory Separate program and data busses Powerful peripherals on chip Silicon supported through MPLAB development tools (H/W & S/W) & libraries Silicon supported by application firmware and development boards and reference designs.

This kit includes : 

  • PX-200
    OEM-PIC kit2 Programmer
    Program target PIC microcontroller via ICD jack (compatible ICD2)

  • NX-dsPIC30F Experiment board for dsPIC 30-pin version

  • CX-232
    Serial port cable

  • Character LCD module 16x2

  • Hook-up wire box
    For circuit construction

  • 2 of 12Vdc 500mA adaptor

    Contains software, source codes and user manual.



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