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  • Supports high-resoltion 2.8� QVGA display. The resolution is 320x240 pixel.
  • Supports 262,144 color. Includes touchscreen panel and LED backlight. The interfacing is 8-bit.
  • QVGA display controller R61505 from Renesas. Supports Microchip�s library files
  • The main microcontroller is PIC24FJ128GA010 from Microchip. Operating at 16 MIPS
  • Supply regulated voltage of +3.3V. The input supply voltage range is 4.8 to 9Vdc.
  • Apply to DC jack adaptor or Screw-terminal block
  • RESET switch and 2 push-button switches with pull-up resistor as input devices
  • Peizo speaker with sound driver circuit
  • ICD jack for supporting In-Circuit In-System Programming to PIC24FJ128GA010 microcontroller.
  • INEX�s PX-200 or PX-700 USB programmer are recommended
  • Main clock is at 8MHz and 32.768kHz for RTCC (Real-Time Clock and Calendar) module
  • UART1 (Rx,Tx,CTS,RTS) of PIC24FJ128GA010 microcontroller interface point.
  • 4-Analog inputs. Supports 0 to +3.3V and 7-Digital input/output support +5V tolerance
  • Serial EEPROM 256 Kb; 25LC256 for saving the display configuration and general purpose.
  • SD/MMC card interfacing circuit.
  • USB to Serial converter circuit with CTS and RTS signal for Hardware Flow Control by FT232RL chip.
  • Interface with UART2 module of PIC24FJ128GA010 microcontroller
  • On-board TC1047 temperature sensor
  • Board size is 8 x 6.4 cm.

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