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PIC24/dsPIC33 Microcontroller Experiment board

  • Support PIC24 and dsPIC33 in TQFP-100 pin package by using the microcontroller adaptor module. The default module is PIC24FJ128GA010. It is plug into the femal header on the main experiment board

  • Program and Debug with PX-200 USB programmer board or Microchip's PICkit2 and ICD2 (sold separated)

  • Automatic program and run by software

  • On-chip clock generator and 32.768kHz crystal for on-chip Real-time clock module

  • Supply voltage range is +6 to +9V. On-board +5V and +3.3V  regulator circuit

  • 50 free pins port. It includes :

    • Port A - 4 pins (RA9, RA10, RA14 and RA15)

    • Port B - 12 pins (RB0 to RB4, RB8 to RB14)

    • Port C - 4 pins ง (RC1 to RC4)

    • Port D - 12 pins (RD0 to RD3, RD6 to RD13)

    • Port E - 2 pins (RE8 and RE9)

    • Port F - 5 pins (RF0, RF4, RF5, RF12 and RF13)

    • Port G - 11 pins (RG0, RG2, RG3, RG6, RG7, RG8, RG9, RG12 to RG15)

    • +5V, 3.3V and GND female header            

    • RESET switch available

    • 8-LED with limit current resistor. Active at logic �0� and connect with RA0 to RA7 pin.

    • 4 of Button switch with pull-up resistor. They are connected with RE0 to RE3 pins.

    • Full duplex RS-232 serial port circuit

    • On-board +3.3V Character LCD with LED back light

    • 4 of 0 to +3.3V Variable voltage sources for A/D converter experiment

    • SD card interfacing circuit

    • Includes :          JX-PIC100 board, PIC24 microcontroller adapter module, CX-232 Serial port cable,  and Technical leaflet

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