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Enjoyable programmable robotic kit that includes building parts, microcontroller, sensors and an easy to use programming software that uses graphical based iconic logo language.

The Robocircle is the very basic of our range of programmable mobile robotic kits. It is designed to cater specially for young programmers and beginners in robotics. Its well designed flexible parts as well as its easy to understand and use software makes the ROBO-CIRCLE the best kit for anyone interested in educational robotics development. Being also affordable by nature, ROBO-CIRCLE allows centers or schools to easily acquire a classroom full of ROBO-CIRCLEs for robotics enrichment workshops.



IBOX III Features:


  • USB programmable ( with Ucon-200 cable )
  • Powered by 4 "AA" batteries ( NOT PROVIDED IN KIT )
  • On-Off switch
  • 4 DC Motor Outputs ( Max up to 6v, 1a per motor )
  • Forward and Backward LED indication
  • RUN / STOP button
  • 4 Digital Input Ports
  • 4 Analog Input Ports
  • 2 Digital Output Ports
  • Piezo Speaker


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