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UCON-200 cable

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UCON-200 Technical Features:

  • Based-on the MCP2200, a USB to UART converter device from Microchip Technology (
  • Available ports include TxD, RxD signal with +5V and GND from the USB port in Modular plug 4P4C standard form
  • Plug into the USB port directly and does not require any external power supply from the target board.
  • Connect with any UART port of any microcontroller circuit on TTL level.
  • Complete with a Virtual COM port driver that interfaces with the application software developed by Visual Basic, Visual C, Borland Delphi, Processing and etc..
  • Connect with the i-BOX3S controller board for downloading the user codes and serial communication monitoring of the operation with computer over the USB port.
  • Latest driver and utilities are free for download at Search for MCP2200 driver and utilities.
  • Cable length is approximately 1.5 metres.

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