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主頁 機械人產品及套件 Kondo人型機械人套件 Inex 模組 NX-4i


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  • Dual DC power supply
    • �12V 1A and �5V 1A with a Short circuit protection and an indicator
  • 8-ch. Logic switch with an indicator
  • 16-ch. Logic monitor
  • 2-Debounce switch
  • 3-State TTL Logic probe
    • Indicate Hi-Low Logic and Pulse
  • Function generator
    • 1Hz to 100kHz frequency output
      • Button Selection with Frequency range indicators.
    • 3 Waveform selection:
      • Sine, Square and Triangle
    • Complete with a TTL output
  • Binary to Hexadecimal decoder
    • To four 7- segment LEDs
  • 8-Bit Analog to Digital Converter
    • Maximum input voltage of +5V ( how many amp? )
  • Adjustable 0-5V Voltage reference source
    • for Analog to Digital Conversion experiments
  • 8-Bit Digital to Analog Converter
    • Output of 0 to +5V R-2R ladder type
  • Breadboard
    • Measuring 5� x 7�
    • 1,600 Contact Points
  • 7-segment LED in Common Anode and Cathode
    • 2 digits with limit-current resistor each

  • 250mW Audio Amplifier
    • with 250mW 8W Speaker
  • 8-ch. High-Current Driver
    • Voltage of +12V 500mA Load driver


Experiment board, AWG#22 Wires, Jumpers, User Manual, Lab Book and Simple Digital ICs for multiple experiments.


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